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01 WOLFSTONE (04'55) The Bloody Bouzouki (gracias, Eli por este tema!)
02 DóNAL LUNNY (03'46) (1998) Lucky Lucky Day
02 NICK CAVE (02'50) Fire Down Below
03 Fairport Convention - Polly On The Shore
04 Fairport Convention- Now Be ThankfuL
05 MATT MOLLOY (02'20) (1988) Heathery Breeze, Long Strand


06 VALRAVN (07'26) (2007) bialowieska
07 OREGON (01'48) (1972) the silence of a candle
08 OREGON (05'59) (1972) north star
09 SHAKTI - Bridge of Sighs

tres canciones de amor por Andy Irvine...
10 ANDY IRVINE (03'59) (1983) At Twenty-One

At twenty-one I first begun
To court my neighbor's child
We both being young and full of fun
Bright Phoebus on us smiled
We both being young and full of fun
Right well we did agree
'Twas well I knew she would prove true
And loyal unto me.

At twenty-two no man could view
All the beauty that this maid possessed
Her curling hair in ringlets fair
Hung down her snow white breast
The picture of her two blue eyes
My pencil cannot tell
Her effigy no hand could draw
Nor paint her parallel
At twenty-four I did adore
This beautiful young fair maid
When she gave her hand
To a rich young man
Alas but I was poor
They sailed away across the sea
And left me here to mourn
That bright May day she sailed away
Never more for to return

como siempre, esto es "solo una idéa" de la letra en español...

A los veintiun años comence a cortejar a una chica de mi barrio.
Siendo los dos jóvenes y llenos de alegria. Febo nos sonreía.
Siendo los jóvenes y llenos de alegria, acordamos…
y fue así como supe que nos seríamos fieles y leales.

A los veintidos años, era imposible ver tanta
belleza como la que esta dama poseía.
Su cabello rizado colgaba en bucles sobre
su pecho, blanco como la nieve.
Mi pluma no podria describir la imagen de sus ojos azules.
Ninguna mano sería capaz de dibujar su silueta o pintar algo tan bello.

A los veinticuatro años adoraba a esa mujer,
cuando le dio su mano a un joven rico, por que yo era pobre…

Navegaron cruzando el mar y me dejaron aquí
para lamentarme.
Aquella mañana de Mayo, ella
partió para nunca mas volver.


la letra la tome de acá

Down by yon green bushes near Calder's clear stream
Where me and my Annie so often have been
When the hours that flew past us, right happy were we
It was little she thought that a soldier I'd be

But it's farewell to Annie and I must away
For the King he needs soldiers and I must obey
But if providence prove kind love until I return
I will wed with my Annie near Calder's clear burn

On the fourteenth of August our regiment was lost
And a ball from the enemy our lines came across
O it struck me in the temple and the blood trickled down
I reeled and I staggered and I fell to the ground

Come here, says our captain, come here with good speed
For I fear by this bullet young Dinsmore lies dead
Two men with a stretcher did quickly prepare
And they carried me away to a hospital there

Cold water and brandy they poured out so free
They turned me all over my wounds for to see
But if I had my Annie to bind up my wounds
One kiss from her sweet lips would soon deaden the stoun

And it's when I am weary and think on lang syne
When I was a miner and wrought in the mine
O the tears they do trickle and down they do fall
Like the roses that bloom around bonnie Woodhall

12 PLANXTY (05'21) (1972) As I Roved Out (Andy)

la letra la tomé de acá

As I roved out on a bright May morning
To view the meadows and flowers gay
Whom should I spy but my own true lover
As she sat under yon willow tree

I took off my hat and I did salute her
I did salute her most courageously
When she turned around well the tears fell from her
Sayin' "False young man, you have deluded me

A diamond ring I owned I gave you
A diamond ring to wear on your right hand
But the vows you made, love, you went and broke them
And married the lassie that had the land"

"If I'd married the lassie that had the land, my love
It's that I'll rue till the day I die
When misfortune falls sure no man can shun it
I was blindfolded I'll ne'er deny"

Now at nights when I go to my bed of slumber
The thoughts of my true love run in my mind
When I turned around to embrace my darling
Instead of gold sure it's brass I find

And I wish the Queen would call home her army
From the West Indies, Amerikay and Spain
And every man to his wedded woman
In hopes that you and I will meet again.

recorded by Planxty on "The Well Below The Valley" (1973) and
performed by Richard Thompson live 1990

There are two songs of this name on that Planxty album, this
is the one sung by Andy Irvine.

"We learned this sad and beautiful song from the singing of Paddy
Tunney who lives in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. He has described it
as dating back to the days of the famine, when any bit of property
at all was enough to tempt a man to jilt his true love in favour
of the 'lassie with the land'" - Andy Irvine

The last verse seems slightly displaced and doesn't really fit
with the rest.

13 GENESIS (05'28) Blood on the rooftops

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01 FLOOK (04'05) (2006) Gone Fishing
02 SAM PROCTOR (02'51) (2008) Cous Cous Kiss
03 SLIDE (05'08) The Boy of Bluehill

Tres versiones de la canción Aililiu Na Gamhna
04 SOLAS (1997) (03'36)
05 DERVISH (03'34) (1997)
06 CRAN (04'04) (2001)

In iníon d'aoire mé féinig gan amhras
Do bhíodh ina cónaí cois taobh na Leamhna
Bhí bothán agam féin ann is fuinneog i gceann de
Fad a bhíodh an bainne ag téamh agam
'Sea ghlaofainn ar na gamhna

Aililiú na gamhna, na gamhna bána
Aililiú na gamhna, na gamhna b'iad a b'fhearr liom
Aililiú na gamhna, na gamhna geala bána
Na gamhna maidin shamhraidh ag damhsa ar na bánta

Faightear dom cana is faightear dom bhuarach
Is faightear dom soitheach ina gcuirfead mo chuid uachtair
Ceolta sí na cruinne bheith á síorchur i m'chluasa
Ba bhinne liomsa géimneach na mbó ag teacht chun buaile


Rachaimid ar an aonach is ceannóimid gamhna
Is cuirfimid ar féar iad amach ins na gleannta
Íosfaidh siad an féar is barr an aitinn ghallda
Is tiocfaidh siad abhaile chun an bhainne i gcóir an tSamhraidh


I'm a herdsman's daughter, sure enough
Who once lived down by the banks of the Laune
I had a cabin there, a window in the gable
While I heated the milk
I called in the calves

Aililiú the calves, the pretty calves,
Aililiú the calves, I loved them the best
Aililiú the calves, the fine pretty calves
Dancing in the meadow on a a clear summer's morning

Get me a can and get me a ladle
Get me a vessel to take all the cream
The magic music of the world always around me
But sweeter sounding still the lowing of the cattle to the parlor


Let us go to the fair and buy us some calves
Put them to grass out above in the valleys
They'll eat all the grass and the tufts of the strange gorse
And come home for the milk at the start of the summer


07 Kate Burke & Ruth Hazleton (05'20) The Wreck of the Dandenong

Oh, wild and furious blew the blast
And the clouds were hanging round
When the Dandenong from Melbourne sailed
For Newcastle port was bound
With eighty-three poor souls on board
Through the storm she cleaved her way
And it's sad to relate of the terrible fate
'Twas just off Jervis Bay

And I dream of you, I dream of sleep
I dream of being warm
But through the night I have to sail
To brave this raging storm

While steaming through the briny waves
Her propelling shaft gave way
And the waters they came pressing in
Which filled them with dismay
All hands on board did all they could
Till at length all hope was gone
And they hoisted a signal of distress
On board of the Dandenong

It was not long ubtil a barque
A brisk and lively crew
Came bearing down and the Captain cried
"We'll see what we can do!"
Came bearing down with might and main
In spite of wind or wave
They did all they could as sailors would
Those precious lives to save

And I dream of you, I dream of sleep
I dream of being warm
I'm afraid the sea won't leave me be
To see another dawn

While some in boats they tried to reach
That kind and friendly barque
And numbers of their lives were saved
And then the night came on pitch dark
What mortal man then could do more
When the storm increased on strong
And the rest now sleep in the briny deep
Along with the Dandenong.

And I dream of you, I dream of sleep
I dream of coming home
Tonight the water buries me
Beneath this raging foam

And I dream of you, I dream of sleep
I dream of being warm
But through the night I have to sail
To brave this raging storm

08 CROSBY & NASH (04'24) (2006) The Lee Shore

09 THE CHIEFTAINS (02'53) (2002) Carolan's Welcome
10 SLIDE (05'24) The Watchmaker
11 LLAN DE CUBEL (04'14) (1995) Fandango Puntiau - Alborada Asturiana

12 MADDY PRIOR & THE GIRLS (08'37) (2005) Meeting Point

Time was away, and somewhere else,
There were two glasses and two chairs
And two people with the one pulse
(Somebody stopped the moving stairs):
Time was away and somewhere else.

And they were neither up nor down;
The stream's music did not stop
Flowing through heather, limpid brown,
Although they sat in a coffee shop
And they were neither up nor down.

The bell was silent in the air
Holding its inverted poise -
Between the clang and clang a flower,
A brazen calyx of no noise:
The bell was silent in the air.

The camels crossed the miles of sand
That stretched around the cups and plates;
The desert was their own, they planned
To portion out the stars and dates:
The camels crossed the miles of sand.

Time was away and somewhere else.
The waiter did not come, the clock
Forgot them and the radio waltz
Came out like water from a rock:
Time was away and somewhere else.

Her fingers flicked away the ash
That bloomed again in tropic trees:
Not caring if the markets crash
When they had forests such as these,
Her fingers flicked away the ash.

God or whatever means the Good
Be praised that time can stop like this,
That what the heart has understood
Can verify in the body's peace
God or whatever means the Good.

Time was away and she was here
And life no longer what it was,
The bell was silent in the air
And all the room one glow because
Time was away and she was here.

Como siempre... esto es sólo una idea de la letra en castellano:

El tiempo estaba ausente, en algún otro lugar,
Había dos vasos, dos sillas y dos personas con el mismo pulso
(Alguien detuvo las escaleras mecánicas)
El tiempo estaba ausente, en algún otro lugar

No estaban ni alegres ni tristes,
La música del arroyo no paraba de fluir a través del brezo, marrón límpido,
Aunque ellos estaban en un café, ni alegres ni trustes.

La campana estaba callada en el aire
Sosteniendo su postura invertida entre clang y clang
Una flor, un cáliz de bronce mudo

La campana estaba callada en el aire

Los camellos cruzaban las millas de arena que se extendían en torno de las tazas y platos;
El desierto era de ellos, planeaban repartirse las estrellas y los días. Los camellos cruzaban las millas de arena.

El tiempo estaba ausente, en algún otro lugar.
El mozo no venía, el reloj los olvidaba y la música de la radio surgía como agua de una roca:
El tiempo estaba ausente, en algún otro lugar.

Sus dedos sacudieron la ceniza, que florecía nuevamente en árboles tropicales:
A quien le importa si los mercados colapsaban, teniendo semejantes bosques?
Sus dedos sacudieron la ceniza

Dios, o lo que quiera que significa el Bien, sea Alabado por que el tiempo pueda detenerse así,
Y porque lo que el corazón ha entendido, pueda verificarse en la paz del cuerpo,
Dios o lo que quiera que significa el Bien.

El tiempo estaba ausente, en algún otro lugar,
Y la vida ya no fue más lo que era,
La campana permanecía silenciosa en el aire
Y todo el salón resplandecía porque
El tiempo se había ido y ella estaba aquí.

13 SéAMUS BEGLEY & JIM MURRAY (04'44) (2003) Sleabh Gheal Ghua

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01 NIALL AND CILLIAN VALLELY (04'30) (2002) The Humours of Tullycrine
02 BRENDAN POWER (04'34) The Drunken LandladyThe Wind That Shakes The BarleyJohn Stenson's #2
03 AKIKO YANO & CHIEFTAINS (04'29) (1999) Sake in the Jar
04 KILA & OKI (05'19) (2006) Ororo Raha
05 JULIE MURPHY & DYLAN FOWLER - Hiraeth am Feirion
06 CHRIS WOOD (04'15) (2008) Summerfield Avenue
07 JOHN FALKNER (04'20) (1986) Johnny Coughlin

08 THE FLAMING LIPS (02'07) (2009) If
09 DAMIEN JURADO (05'59) (2008) Sorry Is For You
10 DAMIEN JURADO (02'38) (2008) Last Rights

11 GRAVENHURST (04'07) (2007) farewell farewell
12 CHRIS WOOD (06'10) (2008) Cold Haily Rainy Night
13 JOHN RENBOURN (02'53) (2005) The English Dance
14 DERVISH (05'30) (1997) The World's End
15 NORTH CREGG (04'08) (2003) The Recruited Collier
16 MACMURROUGH (04'11) (1974) Ta Na Baid

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El programa de hoy, vendría a ser todo un recreo...

01 ALE MöLLER (03'34) (1997) syster glas
02 GJALLARHORN (07'45) (2000) Bergfäst - Mountain Haunted
03 DEAD CAN DANCE (05'16) As the bell rings the maypole spins
04 SILVER SUMMIT (10'31) (2008) Awaken
05 LAURIE ANDERSON (02'46) (1994) world without end

I remember where I came from.
There were burning buildings and a fiery red sea.

I remember all my lovers. I remember how they held me.
World without end, remember me.
East: The edge of the world.
West: Those who came before me.
When my father died we put him in the ground.
When my father died it was like a whole library had burned down.
World without end, remember me.

06 JOHN DOWLAND (05'23) solo lute (no tengo el intérprete de laud... disculpas!)
07 LES MENESTRIERS (1978) Pavane La Pandora
08 WOLVERLEI (RENS VAN DER ZALM) (04'04) Het vrouwtje van 's Hertogenbosch
09 RADIO TARIFA (04'22) canción sefardí
10 LOMBARDA (04'29) la mañana de san juan

Esta versión de la letra, la tomé de acá. No es exactamente la verisión que pasamos, pero por lo menos se entiende la historia...

La mañana de San Juan - al tiempo que alboreaba,
gran fiesta hacen los moros - por la vega de Granada.
Revolviendo sus caballos - y jugando de las lanzas,
ricos pendones en ellas - broslados por sus amadas,
ricas marlotas vestidas - tejidas de oro y grana.
El moro que amores tiene - señales de ello mostraba,
y el que no tenía amores - allí no escarmuzaba.
Las damas moras los miran - de las torres de la Alhambra,
también se los mira el rey - de dentro de la Alcazaba.
Dando voces vino un moro - con la cara ensangrantada:
- Con tu licencia, el rey, - te daré una nueva mala:
el infante don Fernando - tiene a Antequera ganada;
muchos moros deja muertos, - yo soy quien mejor librara,
siete lanzadas yo traigo, - el cuerpo todo me pasan,
los que conmigo escaparon - en Archidona quedaban.
Con la tal nueva el rey - la cara se le demudaba;
manda juntar sus trompetas - que toquen todas el arma,
manda juntar a los suyos, - hace muy gran cabalgada,
y a las puertas de Alcalá, - que la Real se llamaba,
los crisitianos y los moros - una escaramuza traban.
Los cristianos eran muchos, - mas llevaban orden mala,
los moros, que son de guerra, - dádoles han mala carga,
de ellos matan, de ellos prenden, - de ellos toman en celada.
Con la victoria, los moros - van la vuelta de Granada;
a grandes voces decían: - -¡La victoria ya es cobrada!

11 VOLCANO CHOIR (03'24) (2009) And Gather
12 SéBASTIEN SCHULLER (2009) High Green Grass
13 NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS (04'57) (2007) Another Rather Lovely Thing

Este último tema pertenece a esta película... según mi modesta opnión, una absoluta maravilla...

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Llan de Cubel Llan De Cubel - [Na Liende #03] Alborado De Maquilo Tarañu - [Al Xeitu de Nenyuri #05] Valse Llan De Cubel - [...