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01 CHRIS WOOD - Caesar
02 COLM MURPHY - Lord Gordon's_Kiss the Maid Behind the barrel
03 CRAOBH RUA - Campbell's Mill

04 FELPEYU - Los Fayeos de Mayo
05 LLAN DE CUBEL - Ya Con Esto Alon
06 LLAN DE CUBEL - Cantar Del Ayeran Que Perdio La Guerra
07 LLANGRES - Castandiello

08 ANDY IRVINE - Oslo-Norwegian Mazurka

09 LIAM O'FLYNN -  Te Humors Of Carrigaholt Set

10 LAU - Sea Sea-The Lemon Slice


12 KATE RUSBY - Elfin_knight

13 JOHN DOYLE - The Cocks are Crowing
14 JOHN DOYLE - Maesters of the Irish Guitar - Reels

Miércoles, 12 de Octubre de 2011

01 ALTAN - Dún Do Shúil
02 ALTAN - Mo Ghaoil

03 BERT JANSCH - the first time ever i saw your face
04 BERT JANSCH - One for Jo
05 BERT JANSCH - Silver Raindrops
06 BERT JANSCH - if i were a carpenter [ and albert lee]

07 LED ZEPPELIN - Black Mountain Side
08 BERT JANSCH - blackwaterside

09 simon & garfunkel - Scarborough Fair
10 MARTIN CARTHY - Scarborough Fair

11 MICHAEL MCGOLDRICK - My Mind Will Never Be Easy - Baby Rory's Slip Jig
12 DERVISH - Slip Jigs

13 MARTIN CARTHY - The Maid and the Palmer
14 MARTIN CARTHY - A Question of Sport


Miércoles, 05 de Octubre de 2011

01 MICHAEL MCGOLDRICK - Mickey's Reels
03 FLOOK - Kalamantinos
04 FLOOK - Larry Get Out of the Bin_Elzic's Farwell

05 SEAN DOYLE - The Flower of the County Down

Close to Banbridge town in the County Down on a morning in July,
Down a loanin' sweet came a girl so neat, that I smiled as she passed me by.
She looked so bright with a step as light as the lep of a spring-time Hare,
That I closed my eyes in a wild surprise, to make sure I was standing there.

Sure from Scrabo Hill through to Lisnadill and from Comber to Newry town,
There's no girl so neat as that damsel sweet, she's the flower of the County Down.

She'd an eye as lush as a clockin' thrush and such light in her nut brown hair,
That the words I had in my mouth went mad and I stood with my heart all square.
As I onward sped, sure I shook my head and say's I to a passer-by,
"Who's that girl so neat with the twinkling feet?" and I waited for his reply.
Sure from Scrabo Hill....

To that spot next day, sure I made my way and along came this lovely flower,
At the charming sight sure my heart took flight like a lark in the mid-day hour.
But I stood my ground and I quickly found on my smile she in no-ways frowned,
And such words I said, I will soon be wed, to my flower of the County Down.

06 ANDY IRVINE (The Gathering) - There's Sure To Be A Row

I'm a poor unhappy married man I such an awful wife
Tae please her I do all I can but still she plagues my life
If I do everything that's right she'll find some fault somehow
And If I just stay out all night there's bound tae be a row

There's bound tae be a row, there's bound tae be a row
And if I just stay out all night there's bound tae be a row

She wakes me in the morning in an auwfy cruel way
She kicks me out upon the floor not a hard word do I say
I have to wash my stockings, my shirts and fronts, I vow
And if I don't wash her's as well there's bound tae be a row

There's bound tae be a row, there's bound tae be a row
And if I don't wash her's as well there's bound tae be a row

She's taken in a lodger, he's single by and by
I've had tae get out the double bed and on the sofa lie
He gets the meat, I get the bones,that don't seem right somehow
And if I dare say half as much there's bound tae be a row

There's bound tae be a row, there's bound tae be a row
And if I dare say half as much there's bound tae be a row

Now she sometimes has a party for some friends who dine at eight
And I've tae hurry hame from work tae be on time tae wait
And as they order me about if I don't scrape and bow
And say "yes sir" and "thankee please" there's bount tae be a row

There's bound tae be a row, there's bound tae be a row
And say "yes sir" and "thankee please" there's bound tae be a row

And when I take my wages hame after working all week
I turn her every ha'penny o'er but still she has the cheek
To give me tuppence for myself for that I have to bow
And if I spend it all at once there's sure to be a row

There's bound tae be a row, there's bound tae be a row
And if I spend it all at once there's bound tae be a row

 07 GRYPHON - The Unquiet Grave

Cold blows the wind to my true love,
And gently drops the rain.
I've never had but one true love,
And in green-wood he lies slain.

I'll do as much for my true love,
As any young girl may,
I'll sit and mourn all on his grave,
For twelve months and a day.

And when twelve months and a day was passed,
The ghost did rise and speak,
"why sittest thou all on my grave
And will no let me sleep?"

"Go fetch me water from the desert,
And blood from out the stone,
Go fetch me milk from a fair maid's breast
That young man never has known."

"My breast is cold as clay,
My breath is earthly strong,
And if you kiss my cold clay lips,
You days they won't be long."

"How oft on yonder grave, sweetheart,
Where we were want to walk,
The fairest flower that e'er I saw
Has withered to a stalk."

"when will we meet again, sweetheart,
When will we meet again?"
"when the autumn leaves that fall from the trees
Are green and spring up again."

08 FUREY BROTHERS - Peggy and the soldier

09 ELIZA CARTHY - Turpin Hero

On Hounslow Heath as I rode o'er
I spied a lawyer riding before.
“Kind sir,” said I, “are you afraid,
Of Turpin, that mischievous blade?”
Chorus (after each verse):
O rare Turpin hero,
O rare Turpin O
Said Turpin, “He'd ne'er find me o'er
I hid my money in my boot”
The lawyer says, “There's none can find,
I hid my gold in my cape behind.”

As they were riding past the mill
Turpin commands him to stand still;
Says he, “Your cloak I must cut off,
My mare she needs a saddle cloth.”

This caused the lawyer much to fret
To see how simply he'd been took,
But Turpin robbed him of his store
Because he knew he'd lie for more.

On Hounslow Heath as I rode out
I spied a lawyer riding about;
“Now sir,” I said, “Run all you can
From Turpin that mischievous man.”
Chorus (after each verse):
O rare Turpin hero,
O rare Turpin O
Says Turpin, “He'd ne'er find me out
I hid my money in my boot”
Well then says he lawyer, “There's none can find,
My gold, for it's stitched in my coat behind.”

As they rode down by the Powder mill
Turpin demands him to be still;
“Now Sir, your coat I will cut off
For my mare she needs a new saddle cloth.”

As Turpin rode in search of prey
He spied a taxman on the way;
And boldly then he bid him stand,
“Your gold,” he said, “I do demand.”

Oh Turpin then without remorse,
He knocked him quite from off his horse;
And left him on the ground to sprawl
While he rode off with his gold and all.

As Turpin rode on Salisbury plain
He met Lord Judge with all his train;
And hero-like he did approach
And robbed that Judge as he sat in his coach.

Oh Turpin he at last was took
For the shooting of a dung-hill cock,
And carried straight into jail
Where his bad move he does bewail.

Well Turpin is condemned to die,
To hang upon yon gallows high;
Whose legacy is a strong rope,
For the shooting of a dung-hill cock.

10 ANDY IRVINE - The Demon Lover

11 FLOOK - Wrong Foot Forward
12 FLOOK - Flatfish
13 FLOOK - The Dub Reel

14 JUNE TABOR - Reynard the Fox
15 SWEENEY'S MEN - Reynard the Fox

On the first day of March in the year of ninety-three
The first recreation was in this country
The King's County gentlemen o'er hills, dales and rocks
They rode so joyfuly in search of a fox

Tally-ho, hark away, tally-ho hark away
Tally-ho, hark away me boys away, hark away

When Reynard was started he faced Tullamore
And Arklow and Wicklow along the sea shore
We kept his brush in view every yard of the way
And it's straight he made his course for the street of Rosstrade

For Reynard, sly Reynard lay hid there that night
And we swore we would watch him until the daylight
Next morning early the hills did resound
Of the sweet smell of horses and the sweet cry of hounds

When Reynard was started he faced to the hollow
Where none but the footmen and hounds they could follow
The gentlemen cried "Watch him, watch him, what will he do?
If the rocks do not stop him he will cross Killaloe"

When Reynard was captured his wishes to fulfill
He sent for pen and paper and ink to write his will
And what he made mention of, we found it no thank
For he gave us a cheque on the National Bank.

"Oh to you, Mr Casey, I leave my whole estate
And to you, Mr Johnson, my money and my plate
I give to you, Sir Monaghan, my whips, spurs and cap
For you jumped hedge and ditches and ne'er looked for a gap."

recorded by Sweeney's Men on "1968"

This is a completely different song than REYNFOX. As this fox
here seems to be quite human and is chased through the bigger
part of Ireland. I assume that it is a parody based on some
long-forgotten political affair in Ireland, but I really don't
know for sure.

16 THE TWO DUOS QUARTET - Through Lonesome Woods

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