Miércoles, 27 de Enero de 2010

volvemos al folk... al menos por hoy. Mañana nunca se sabe...

01 THE BONES OF ALL MEN (04'23) La Forze d'Hercole - Lo Ballo Dell'Intorcia
02 JOHN WYNNE (04'22) Gan Ainm - Up and about in the morning - Waltz - Jig
03 MATT MOLLOY (02'33) (1988) The Hare in the Heather

04 PUMPKINHEAD (03'19) (1977) Wedding Dress
05 PUMPKINHEAD (05'45) (1977) 'Se Fath Mo Bhuartha & Maid Behind The Bar & Earl's Chair

06 MYSPACE: The Unwanted

07 STEELEYE SPAN (05'57) (1975) Demon Lover
08 DERVISH (03'43) (2001) The Banks of Sweet Viledee
09 ALTAN (04'20) (1992) Dobbin's Flowery Vale

10 TRIAN Urchnoc Chéin Mhic Cáinte

11 DICK GAUGHAN (04'11) raglan road

Miércoles, 20 de Enero de 2010

01 UNTHANKS (04'52) (2009) Lucky Gilchrist

02 DIVINE COMEDY (04'39) Lost Property


04 OLD BLIND DOGS (03'34) The Twa Corbies
05 AFTERHOURS (03'08) Ryan's Reel -Mcilwraith's Hornpipe
06 COCTEAU TWINS (05'41) (1990) Frou-Frou Foxes In Midsummer Fires
07 COCTEAU TWINS (03'45) (1990) I Wear Your Ring
08 KING CRIMSON (06'05) (1969) I Talk To The Wind
09 GENESIS - The cinema show

10 RADIOHEAD - Last Flowers
11 MEAV (04'29) (2002) Marthais Harbour
12 LAURA GIBSON (2009) Sleeper

Miércoles, 13 de Enero de 2010

el7b verano... el primer programa de la radiofonía mundial de "música celta" que pasa muy poca "música celta"

01 KAREN O AND THE KIDS (2009) Animal
02 THE FUREY BROTHERS (02'36) (1977) Princess Royal
03 BEIRUT (08'49) (2006) Elephant Gun

04 TUNE-YARDS (06'55) (2009) Fiya
05 LIZ CARROLL (04'07) See It There - Con Cassidy's
06 RADIOHEAD (02'10) (2007) Faust Arp

07 SWEENEY'S MEN (02'02) (1969) Go by Brooks
08 SWEENEY'S MEN (02'39) (1969) When You Don't Care

No hay videos originales de la época. Esto es una reunion de hace un par de años...

09 GRáDA (2004) Manuka Swing - Tea Tree Point Waltz ~ The Pixie Dance
10 FLOGGING MOLLY (03'40) (2002) What's Left Of The Flag

11 MOUNT EERIE (02'04) waterfalls
12 COCOROSIE (2007) Animals

Dos hermanas de N.Y. Comenzaron grabando en el baño de un departamento de Paris con juguetes y contestadores telefónicos... Ahora hacen esto... Y aunque no parezca en este tema, NO son una banda de rap

14 SUNNYBROOK (05'09) Big Waving Hands

Miércoles, 06 de Enero de 2010

programa de verano...

01 DERVISH (06'31) (2007) the masters return
02 BOWERBIRDS (2009) Teeth
03 CORMAC BREATNATCH The Humors Of Tullycreen, The Princess Royal
04 THE ACCIDENTAL (2008) Wolves
05 ALTAN (02'12) (1992) The Snowy Path

Visitando MySpaces: caladhnua

Esta breve descripción fué tomada de si sitio oficial: http://caladh.net/

Caladh es una antigua palabra irlandesa que significa "puerto" o "lugar de refugio". Caladh Nua, un "Nuevo Puerto". Caladh Nua también podría referirse a un lugar cómodo donde la música y las nuevas canciones crean una atmósfera encantadora y cálida. Con todo esto en mente, esto es "Caladh Nua", una banda tradicional irlandesa . Esta singular banda fue fundada a principios de 2009. Como muchas de las grandes bandas tradicionales irlandesas, Caladh Nua, se formó como resultado de músicos que se cruzaron en el camino, una conexión especial y luego, querer compartir eso con la gente. El conjunto se compone de cinco músicos de tres hermosas regiones de Irlanda: los condados de Carlow, Waterford y Kilkenny. Caladh Nua tiene un perfecto equilibrio entre innovación y la preservación de la música de Irlanda y de la tradición, el enérgico repertorio de la banda captura la atención del público de cualquier generación.

Y aquí la letra de una de las canciones que estamos difundiendo de la banda:


I was nineteen when I came to town
They called in the Summer of Love
They were burningbabies, burning flags
The Hawks against the Doves

I took a job in the STeamie
Down on Cauldrum Street
I fell in love with a laundry girl
Was working next to me

She was a rare thing
Fine as a beeswing
So fine a breath of wind might blow her away
She was a lost child
She was running wild, she said
As long as there's no price on love, I'll stay
And you wouldn't want me any other way

Brown hair zig-zag round her face
And a look of half-surprise
Like a fox caught in the headlights
There was an animal in her eyes

She said, young man, O can't you see
I'm not the factory kind
If you don't take me out of here
I'll surely lose my miind


We busked around the market towns
And picked fruit down in Kent
And we could tinker lamps and pots
And knives wherever we went

And I said that we might settle down
Get a few acres dug
Fire burning in the hearth
And babies on the rug

She said O man, you foolish man
It surely sounds like hell
You might be lord of half the world
You'll not own me as well


We was camping down the Gower one time
The work was pretty good
She thought we shouldn't wait for frost
And I thought maybe we should

We were drinking more in those days
And tempers reached a pitch
Like a fool I let her run
With the rambling itch

Last I hear she's sleeping out
Back on Derby beat
White Horse in her hip pocket
And a wolfhound at her feet

And they say she even marriend once
A man named Romany Brown
But even a Gypsy caravan
Was too much settliing down

And they say her flower
is faded now
Hard weather and hard booze
But maybe that's just hte price you pay
For the chains you refuse

She was a rare thing
Fine as a beeswing
And I missher more than ever words could say
If I could just taste
All of her wildness now
If I could hold her in my arms today
Then I wouldn't want her any other way

y para finalizar, un par de videos:

07 JOHN DOYLE (08'08) (2005) Eddie Kelly's , Reavy's tribute to Coleman (Reels)
08 MúM (18'29) (2007) Marmalade Fires
09 SHARON SHANNON (05'50) The Mighty Sparrow
10 TUNNG (04'42) (2006) it's because we've got hair
12 ELECTRIC PRESIDENT (2008) it's an ugly life

Pick apart your pieces
Just to watch what makes you tick
Scream all you want
There's no way out of this
You dug yourself a hole, a crater
Trying to get away from your blood
Now it's just peace of mind
You're dreaming of...

I stumbled through the doorway
And I fell out of my skin
On my nightmares from your ceiling
And watched you drink them in

I know that you're a bastard now
I know you'd like to bash out my brains
For all my pretty manners I'd do the same
We all need someone to blame

I had it there in my hands
And now I don't understand
But I will do what I can
Yeah I will do what I can
But I don't understand
I gotta sleep when I can
I had it there in my hands
I had it there in my hands
But now I don't understand
But I will do what I can
Yeah I will do what I can
I really don't understand
I gotta sleep when I can
I gotta sleep when I can
But I will do what I can...

There's always daggers in the back of my mind
And I find and I find and I find
They're always waiting till I close my eyes
Oh but you'll get yours in time
And you'll whine and you'll whine and you'll whine
About how much you don't deserve it
But suck it up yeah we all gotta do our time
And you'll find and you'll find and you'll find
It's better just to get it over with

You'll get yours and I'll get mine
An ugly deal but it's an ugly life
It's an ugly deal but it's an ugly life
You'll get yours and I'll get mine
It's an ugly deal but it's an ugly life
It's an ugly deal but it's an ugly life
You'll get yours and I'll get mine
It's an ugly deal but it's an ugly life
It's an ugly deal but it's an ugly life
You'll get yours and I'll get mine
It's an ugly deal but it's an ugly life
It's an ugly deal but it's an ugly life...

13 THE BOOKS (2005) Smells Like Content

Kieron is Back!

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just wanted to wish you a vey happy new year !
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it has been a long time but it is back.
all the very best to you in the new year
Kieron in china

Andy Irvine, China 2 Galway

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