Miércoles, 20 de Abril de 2011

01 THE CHIEFTAINS - Caledonia
02 THE BATTLEFIELD BAND (1977) Silver Spear-Humours of Tulla
03 MAëLSTROM (2003) Son an disparti (mélodie moldave)
04 COCOON (2010) Cathedral
05 FLEET FOXES (2011) Blue Spotted Tail
06 MATT MOLLOY (1996) Fig for a Kiss-Poll Ha'penny-Merry Sisters

tres clásicos de los 70's:

07 JOHN RENBOURN GROUP (1977) Black Waterside

08 PAUL BRADY (1978) The Lakes of Ponchatrain

09 PLANXTY - You rambling boys of pleasure

You rambling boys of pleasure, give ear to those few lines I write,
Although I'm a rover, and in roving I take great delight.
I cast my mind on a handsome girl who ofttimes she does me slight,
But my mind is never easy till my true love is in my sight.

Down by yon flow'ry gardens, where me and my true love do meet,
I took her in my arms, and unto her gave kisses sweet
She bade take love easy, just as the leaves fall from the tree.
But I was young and foolish, with my true love could not agree.

And the second time I met my love, I thought that her heart was surely mine.
But as the season changes, my darling girl has changed her mind
Gold is the root of evil, although it bears a glistening hue
Causes many the lad and the lass to part, though their hearts, like mine, be e'er so true.

Sure I wish I was in Belfast town, and my true love along with me.
With money in my pocket to keep us in good company.
Liquor to be plenty, a flowing glass on every side,
Hard fortune would ne'er daunt me, for I am young and the world is wide.

Optional last verse:

But there's one thing more that grieves me sore is to be called a runaway
And to leave the spot I was born in, oh Cupid cannot set me free,
And to leave that darling girl I love, oh alas, what will I do?
Will I become a rover, sleep with the girl I never knew?

10 HAROULA ROSE (2011) - Love Will Follow
11 ERLAND & THE CARNIVAL (2010) East & West
12 KING CREOSOTE (2003) Lavender Moon

de acá saqué la letra:

Had a dream last night of you
Wandering down an empty street from down a lane
So I ran up to you tripping over cobble stones
when I awoke alone and in vain
I felt empty and confused
I sat there with your clothes near me
I reached up and grabbed a lamplight
Which fell and broke

I stared through empty eyes
Of lavender moon and I
Far beyond your tears now
Still outside in the mist, drenched to the bone
And you sang Everything’s all right

We’d walked through summer fields
Live the life of sin (?), cry on hard walls together, we did everything
Well at night we talked and talked
Questioned what the future embraced
Hugging perfect shapes all day
We’d lie and sleep in

But now you’ve left and gone
And all I have are memories of you
They return to me when I’m asleep
When dreams...
What I was, it was true (?)

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