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01 VäSEN (1997) Nitti pomfritti
02 FOLQUE (1975) Herr Verner i fangetårnet
03 GRYPHON (1974) Dubbel Dutch

04 HECTOR ZAZOU & LIOUDMILA KHANDI (1994) yakut song


Glava li ta boli, sino moi
Glava li ta boli
Ili polovina, sino moi
Ili polovina

Ni ma glava boli, mamo ma
Ni ma glava boli
Sartseso ma boli, mamo ma
Za snoshnata vecher

Saglasila sa e, mamo ma
Saglasila sa e
Moino purvo luibe, mamo ma
I shte da se zheni


Do you have a headache, my son
Do you have a headache
Or is it your kidneys, my son
Or is it your kidneys

I don't have a headache, mother
I don't have a headache
I have a heartache, mother
About last night

She has agreed, mother
She has agreed
My first true love, mother
And she's getting married

07 donovan - Legend of a Girl Child Linda

I will bring you gold apples and grapes made of rubies
That have shone in the eyes of a prince of the breeze.
Bright cascading crystals, they danced in the sand dunes
On the beach of no footprints to harpsichord tunes.
A throne of white ivory, a gown of white lace
Lies still in the magic of a timeless place.
One hundred small children, they laugh at the white doves
That rest on their hands with the touch of love.
On a hillside of velvet the children they lay down
And make fun of the grown-ups with their silly frown.
And the sound of their laughter is the sound of the green sea
As it washed around the foot of the seashell tree.
The doves circle over and land in the trees
Where parrots are talking their words with such ease.
Thus spoke three wizards to the young ones that day:
"There's sadness in the kingdom, make it go far away."
If you follow the sunbeams through the valley of flowers
To the palace of the White Queen with its white jade towers.
The youngest, she sighed then the clouds drew away
And a hundred small fingers scratched their heads in dismay.
>From out of the sun a giant gull came flying
And the children got ready to sit on its wings.
They waved to the raindrops as they soared over the trees
The wind tossed their hair high, flashing gold on the sea.
They came to the castle and there they did fall,
And they saw all the sadness, through the crystal wall.
A princess lay a-sleeping so gentle and kind
Whilst her prince took to battle with his confused mind.
The clash of bright metal brought the children fear,
But their cloaks of blue satin dried up all of these tears.
Thus children held hands and they spelled out their name
All the golden children became a golden chain.
It lies on a white throne in a magic place
With a tunic of velvet and a gown of white lace.
My sword, it lies broken and cast in a lake
In a dream I was told that my princess would wake.

08 donovan - Quuen Mab

09 donovan - Celeste

Here I stand acting like a silly clown would,
I don't know why Would anybody like to try
The changes I'm going through ?
A hidden lie would fortify
Something that don't exist
But it ain't so bad, I'm just a lad,
So many more things to do,
I intend to come right through them all with you.
My songs are merely dreams visiting my mind
We talk a while by a crooked stile,
You're lucky to catch a few.
There's no magic wand in a perfumed hand,
It's a pleasure to be true.
In my crystal halls a feather falls
Being beautiful just for you
But that might not be quite true, that's up to you.
Dawn crept in unseen to find me still awake
A strange young girl sang her songs for me
And left 'fore the day was born.
That dark princess with saddening jest
She lowered her eyes of woe,
And I felt her sigh, I wouldn't like to try
The changes she's going through
But I hope love comes right through them all with you.

10 John Dowland Lute Songs (Russell Oberlin, countertenor - Joseph Iadone, lute) Weep You No More, Sad Fountains

11 STING (2006) have you seen the bright lily grow
12 STING (2006) clear or cloudy

13 LES MENESTRIERS (1980) Philips Pavin and Galliard
14 THE KRONOS QUARTET (1997) Rachell's Weepinge (16th Century)

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