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01 - Dervish - Molly and Johnny - [1996]

Said Johnny to Molly, "I am now going to leave you
But do not be grieved at my going away
For the more we are parted, we'll always be true-hearted
And again I'll return in the sweet month of May"

Said Molly to Johnny, "Oh I will mourn for you
And I will be grieved at your going away
For you know very well that your absence does grieve me
I'm afraid you might die in a strange country

I'll dress myself up like a neat little sea boy
Amidst all life's dangers I will stand your friend
Through the winds that lie low, to high winds are a-blowing
My dear, I'll be with you to plow the rough main"

"Your delicate fingers our ropes could not handle
Your lily-white feet, love, our decks could not stand
The cold nights of winter you ne'er could endure them
So stay at home, darling, to the seas do not go"

Her two little arms, 'round his neck she entwined them
The clear crystal tears from her eyes down did flow
And her lily-white hands on the decks she kept wringing
Crying, "Oh my beloved will I never see you more?"

So come, all ye fair maids that's inclined to marry
Never place your affection too much on one man
For first he will court you and then he'll deceive you
He'll leave you as I was left to mourn when he's gone
 02 - The Tannahill Weavers - Come Under My Plaidie - [1992] 

Notas del disco:

And now for your further delectation, the second of the two songs regarding the choosing of a partner.  It takes the form of a conversation between an old man and a young girl.

She, it seems, loves a young man who has nothing, but accepts the marriage proposal of an old man with plenty.

Leslie, for a variety of reasons, has ended up singing both parts of this conversation.  We were amazed that he could manage this because he is neither female nor has he any experience of old age (unless, of course, it comes out of a bottle) but then, as he pointed out, it shouldn't be too complicated.  Simply sing high for the female part and remember that in the male life span there are only three ages: (1) you believe in Santa Claus, (2) you don't believe in Santa Claus, (3) you are Santa Claus.

Come under my plaidie the nicht's gaun tae fa'
Come in frae the cauld blast the drift and the snaw
Come under my plaidie and sit doon beside me
There's room in it lassie believe me for twa
Come under my plaidie and sit doon beside me
I'll hap ye frae every cauld wind that can blaw
Come under my plaidie and sit doon beside me
There's room in it lassie believe me for twa

Gae wa' wi' your plaidie auld Donald, gae 'wa'
I fear nae the cauld blast, the drift or the snaw
Gae 'wa' wi' your plaidie, I'll no' sit beside ye
Ye micht be my gutcher auld Donald, gae 'wa'
I'm gaun tae meet Johnnie, he's young and he's bonnie
He's been at Meg's bridle fu' trig and fu' braw
Nane dances sae lightly, sae gracefu', sae tightly
His cheeks like the new rose, his brow's like the snaw

Dear Marion, let that flee stick tae the wa'
Your Jock's but a gowk and has naethin' ava'
The hale o' his pack he has noo on his back
He's thirty and I am but three score and twa
Be frank noo an' kin'ly I'll busk ye aye finely
Tae kirk or tae merket they'll few gang sae braw
A bien hoose tae bide in, a chaise for tae ride in
And flunkies tae tend ye as aft as ye ca'

My faither aye tellt me, my mither an' a'
Ye'd mak' a guid husband and keep me aye braw
It's true I lo'e Johnnie, he's young and he's bonnie
But wae's me I ken he has naethin' ava'
I hae little tocher ye've made a guid offer
I'm noo mair than twenty, my time is but sma'
Sae gie me yer plaidie, I'll creep in beside ye
I thocht ye'd been aulder than three score and' twa

03 - Fairport Convention - Fotheringay - [1972] - La canción está inspirada en el castillo homónimo...

How often she has gazed from castle windows all
And watched the daylight passing within her captive wall
With no one to heed her call

The evening hour is fading within the dwindling sun
And in a lonely moment, those embers will be gone
And the last of all the young birds flown

Her days of precious freedom, forfeited long before
To live such fruitless years behind a guarded door
But those days will last no more
Tomorrow, at this hour, she will be far away
Much farther than these islands, for the lonely Fotheringay

04 - Marta Sebestyen - En Scak Azt Csodalom - I Am Only Wondering
05 - Felpeyu - Alboraes - Que es una "alborada?"

Hoy, dos canciones para Francisca...
06 - Raúl Carnota - Solo luz
07 - Harvest - (No me acuerdo el nombre del tema... es un cover de folk muy conocido)

08 - Dirty Projectors - Gimme Gimme Gimme - [2007]
09 - Dirty Projectors - While You're Here - [2012]
10 - Dirty Projectors + Bjork - All We Are - [2010]

11 - The Incredible String Band - Witches Hat - [1968]
Certainly the children have seen them
in quiet places where the moss grows green

coloured shells jangle together
the wind is cold the year is old the trees whisper together
and bend in the wind they lean

next week a monkey is coming to stay

if I was a witches hat
sitting on her head like a paraffin stove
I'd fly away and be a bat
across the air I would rove

stepping like a tightrope walker
putting one foot after another
wearing black cherries for rings

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