Miércoles, 10 de Agosto de 2011

01 FRANKIE KENNEDY (1987) The Sunset
02 THE UNTHANKS (2011) Last

03 SPIERS & BODEN (2011) Gooseberry Bush,Laudanum Bunches
04 KATHLEEN BOYLE (2008) McGeady's
05 NOEL HILL - A Pigeon on the Gate

06 ANDY IRVINE The Bear's Rock
07 ANDY IRVINE Pride of Macedonia


10 ANDREW BIRD (2007) Cataracts

A través de los bosques achaparrados,
Del grueso espesor enmohecido,
De los helechos y los brezos,
Recogemos las malezas de entre las grietas...

12 ROBIN WILLIAMSON - Flower of the briar

esto lo tomé prestado de acá

to the heart of the thunder,
the heart of my sorow
flower of the Briar
come storm sea and gales
out-howl all these words of me
flower of the Briar
and my tears and salt sea spray
flower of the Briar
where the grey gulls and the while gulls
fall wing torn and wounded
at the teeth of the rain
where the grey waves and the white waves
bitter as the grave's edge
bewail the sea's rage
the world and its pain
that this tide should cleave us
but a little while

come shipwreck, come shelter,
come flower of the morning
flower of the Briar
where gates that are broken
and gold as September
flower of the briar
leave old roads their winding
flower of the Briar
from farthings and flinders
and days locked in doggerel
or smoored in bland stone
let love learned from jurymen
marksmen and traitors
cough away behind hand
in the hovel of bone
that this road should bind us
but a little while

I wish I could see by the light moon
and dark moon
flower of the Briar
beyond the whore's

13 SEABEAR - Owl waltz
14 THE UNWANTED Turn the Corner

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