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01 GRáDA - Biodegradable
02 HEMPSON - The Bantry Bay Boys
03 CHRISTY MOORE - Compañeros

The good ship Granma lies at anchor in the harbour
Waiting for the evening tide to rise and bring high water.
Bound for Cuba she must go across the Gulf of
Mexico and The Caribbean Ocean
She's carrying a human cargo 83 good compañeros
Each one burning with determination to be free


Against Batista, The Fidelistas, courage was their armour
As they fought at Fidel's side with Che Guevara.

Ten days out from Mexico these Compañeros
Landed on the Cuban beach Los Colorados
Fidel said this year will see our country and our people free Or else we will be martyrs
We've only guns enough for 20 the enemy has arms a plenty
Meet him and defeat him and he'll keep us well supplied


Five weeks later in the Cañon Del Rio
Fidels army was reduced to 18 Companeros
Hungry, weak and unafraid, learning revolutions trade in the high Sierra Maestra
Where the mountain winds did blow bearing seeds to sprout and sow
New crops in Cuban soil that marked the death of slavery


Compañeros, tu valaderos (?)
Courage was their armour as they fought
at Fidel's side with Che Guevara

They made their way across the peak of El Torquino
Joined by bands of volunteers and the men from Santiago
They faced Batista's tanks and trains,
drove them back across the plains,
from the high Sierra Maestra
They drove the gangsters from Los Vios
straight across the Cordileros
Santa Barbra fell to Che Guevara and was free.
The fire lit on that Cuban beach by Fidel Castro
Still shines all the way to Tierra del Fuego
Sparks are blown upon the breeze,
people rise from off their knees when they see the night is burning.
It blazes up in Venezuela, Bolivia and Guatemala
Lights the road that we must go in order to be free

Buscando un video de este tema en youtube, encontré esta breve entrevista al Che en Irlanda. Ya que este es un programa dedicado a l amúsica irlandesa, me pareció menester copiarlo aquí:

04 CHRISTY MOORE (1978) Trip to Jerusalem-Mullingar Races-The Crooked Road
05 DERVISH (1997) Aililiú Na Gamhna
06 TRíONA Ní DHOMHNAILL Meilte Cheann Dubhrann (Sandy Hills of Ceann Dubhrann)
07 WOLVERLEY - Las las - Het grote bed
09 GJALLARHORN - Njawara
10 DERVISH (1997) I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her
11 LAU (2009) Salty Boys
13 SHIRLEY COLLINS (1967) all things are quite silent
14 SEAN DOYLE He Thinks of His Past Greatness When a Part of the Constellations

I HAVE drunk ale from the Country of the Young
And weep because I know all things now:
I have been a hazel-tree, and they hung
The Pilot Star and the Crooked Plough
Among my leaves in times out of mind:
I became a rush that horses tread:
I became a man, a hater of the wind,
Knowing one, out of all things, alone, that his head
May not lie on the breast nor his lips on the hair
Of the woman that he loves, until he dies.
O beast of the wilderness, bird of the air,
Must I endure your amorous cries?

15 SEAN DOYLE The Shores of Lough Bran

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