Miércoles, 21 de Julio de 2010

01 GRáDA (2004) Endeavour

The sun rose, in the year of seventeen sixty-nine
If you looked up, you'd have seen a ship out to sea
With a masthead like you'd never seen
It was clear they were not from these seas
They were sailing on a ship called Endeavour

Six months, travelling to their dream land
Or so its been told
Trees full of flowers and the golden sand
Gradient of every degree
And no, this is not what they came to see
Most were seeking rewards for their endeavour

Step out, it makes your heart burn
How flames scorched the land
Like creatures, tearing up what remained
But who can say, it would have been better
Or it would have been the same
Without the sailing of the Endeavour.

03 ALAIN PENNEC (1999) Taraf de Trentemoulk
04 ALBOKA (2004) Gizonak eztau bear (Al hombre no le pese)
05 KILA (2010) Soisin
06 KILA (2010) Cluainin
07 MICK HANLY (17'22) (1980) 05 - Miss Bailey - Jessica's Polka
08 KEVIN MACLEOD & ALEC FINN Dinny O'Brien's Hornpipe & the Burning Sands of Egypt
09 MICK MOLONEY - loftus jones
10 MOVING HEARTS (03'11) (2007) 05 Category
11 MOVING HEARTS (03'25) (2007) 07 Downtown
12 LIQUID ACROBAT (02'09) 08 Red Hair
13 HARD ROPE & SILKEN TWINE (06'04) 01 Pista 1
14 BREAD LOVE AND DREAMS (02'16) 08 Sing Me A Song
15 Roy Harper I´ll See You Again

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