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01 SOLAS - Tilly's Jig-The Happy Traveler
02 IRISH - DRAíOCHT - Battering Ram, Legacy Jig

El sábado pasado, Mark Linkous (cantante y principal compositor de Sparklehorse) decidió acabar con su vida. Acá hay una referencia a los hechos y acá otra mas...

Sparklehorse siempre sonó en el programa, así que aquí va ol obvio homenaje:

04 KILA - Hebden Bridge

Presentación del nuevo CD de Paula Medrano

04 INCREDIBLE STRING BAND (02'09) (1968) 04 The Yellow Snake
06 ROBIN WILLIAMSON (03'19) Verses at
07 ROBIN WILLIAMSON (04'06) (1998) Toderoday

08 SLIDE (04'54) 10 The Watchmaker
11 MAIRE Ní CHATHASAIGH - the princess royal


Words and music Robin Williamsson 1978

I learned in school
That I was mad if they were sane, you see
They had to beat me black and blue
They said it hurt them more than me
But I learned who were my enemies
and I learned who were my friends
I learned to read between the lines
When I was 10
IÂ'd do anything to get out of school
Away from the teacherÂ's stick
To shoot streetlamps with my slingshot
Smoke cigarettes and get sick
Steal apples in September
Fight shadows in green June
Or just sit and smell the burning leaves
Of an autumnsÂ's afternoon
Of an autumnsÂ's afternoon

Once I met a mad girl
As she came hopping through the furze
Her clothes all stuck with fluff and stuff
Bearded barley and bristly burrs
and I was high among the branches green
and she, she hadnÂ't seen me there
As she went shuffling with her shadow
and snatching at the air
Wild weeds, wilting
Were twined all in her curls
and I could tell by her mad blue eyes
She was a mad girl
She was thin as any sparrow
Her song it had no tune
Just scuffling through the piney glades
Of a summerÂ's afternoon
Of a summerÂ's afternoon

I came dropping through the branches down
She started round in surprise and fear
I donÂ't know what I had to say
But something I knew she had to hear
She picked up a piece of flint
Drew back her arm and flung it high
Not a bad throw that cut my cheek
Just below the eye
Mad girl, mad girl
Before you ran away
I knew you were as mad as me
and as sane as a summerÂ's day
Mad girl, mad girl
We both were wrong again
You took me for an anemy
and I took you for a friend
I took you for a friend

Toderoday - Robin Williamson lyrics

When I was a little baby, six inches tall,
People were astounded how loud I could bawl.
I jumped up to London all in a single bound,
Over St. Paul’s steeple before I touched the ground.

Now, I had a little greyhound, the sweetest you’ve seen,
I learned her to waltz and sing “God Save the Queen”.
Her tail it was ten yards long, bushy and very wide:
Seven London aldermen all on that tail could ride.

This dog was the finest in the world, and at one time also the fastest.
Until one day, when a terrible thing happened…
As my dog ran round and round and round and round a small back garden, she happened to run over a scythe blade that some fool left lying rusting in the long grass and the nettles.
My poor dog was sliced from end to end like one of those long sandwiches you call a baguette.
Naturally, I was horrified.
But I never lost my presence of mind.
There happened to be a small bottle of white vinegar on the kitchen window sill and I liberally sprinkled both halves of my dog with the white vinegar, then I tied her together again with strips of a tea-towel that my wife had left lying drying on the hedge.
And do you know… that dog was better than ever it was after that, but just for one thing…
In my haste I had tied one pair of legs facing up and one pair of legs facing down.
But now my could run coming and going at once.
And bark at both ends.

I had a little chicken, of her I took care.
I put her in a mussel shell and she hatched me a hare,
The hare became a milk white pony, about eighteen hands high
Anyone with a bigger tale to tell?
Oh dear, what a lie!

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