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01 VALRAVN (04'47) (2007) under bolgen bla

tres versiones de "Hard Times in Old England"
Hard Times of Old England

Come all brother tradesmen that travel along;
Oh, pray come and tell me where the trade is all gone.
Long time I have travelled and cannot find none,
And it's,

Cho: Oh, the hard times of Old England,
In Old England very hard times.

Provisions you buy at the shop, it is true,
But, if you've no money, there's none there for you.
So, what's a poor man and his family to do?
And it's,

If you go to a shop and you ask for a job,
They will answer you there with a shake and a nod;
So, that's enough to make a man turn out and rob.
And it's,

You will see the poor tradesman a-walking the street
From morning till night, for employment to seek,
And scarcely they've got any shoes to their feet.
And it's,

Our soldiers and sailors have just come from war;
Been fighting for their Queen and their country, 'tis sure
Come home to be starved, better stayed where they were.
And it's,

And now to conclude and to finish my song,
Let us hope that these hard times they will not last long;
I hope soon to have occasion to alter my song.
And it's,

Oh, the good times of Old England,
In Old En-ge-land jolly good times.
02 ROBIN WILLIAMSON (03'14) (1998) Hard Times in Old England-Monie Musk
03 STEELEYE SPAN (06'36) (2002) Hard Times Of Old England
04 BILLY BRAGG (05'38) (2008) Hard Times of Old England Retold

As performed by The Imagined Village

1. For five generations, my family have found,
By hooves and by tractor, by hoe and by hand,
But that once they walked the bank's latest demand(?),

CHORUS: Singing, oh, the hard times of old England,
In old England very hard times.

2. Time was, I could sell what I grew in the shop.
Then Tesco's turned up all of that edge(?) to stop.
Now I can't make a living out of my crop.

3. More and more of our village gets sold every day
To folks from the city who are happy to pay
For their holiday cottage to stand empty all day.

4. The Countryside Alliance expects, I suppose,
My support when they're marching to bloody Blair's nose,
But they said not a word when our post office closed.

5. The hedgerows my grandfather tended have gone,
And with them the lapwing and the corncrake's sad song.
I fear I'll be carried off before long.

6. And now to conclude and to finish my song:
Let's hope that these hard times they will not last long,
And I may soon have occasion for to alter my song

LAST CHORUS: And sing, oh, the good times of old England,
In old England very good times.

dos versiones de "Mary and the Soldier"

Mary And The Soldier (traditional)

Come all you lads of high renown
That would hear of a fair young maiden
And she roved out on a summer's day
For to view the soldiers parading
They marched so bold and they looked so gay
Their colours flying and the bands did play
And it caused young Mary for to say
"I'll wed you me my gallant soldier"

She viewed the soldiers on parade
And as they stood at their leisure
And Mary to herself did say:
"At last I've found my treasure
But oh how cruel my parents must be
To banish my true love away from me
Well I'll leave them all and I'll go with thee
My bold undaunted soldier"

"Oh Mary dear, your parents' love
I pray don't be unruly
For when you're in a foreign land,
Believe me you'll rue it surely
Perhaps in battle I might fall
From a shot from an angry cannonball
And you so far from your daddy's hall
Be advised by a gallant soldier."

"Oh I have fifty guineas in bright gold,
Likewise a heart that's bolder
And I'd leave them all and I'll go with you
My bold undaunted soldier
So don't say no but let me go
And I will face the daring foe
And we'll march together to and fro
And I'll wed you, my gallant soldier"

And when he saw her loyalty
And Mary so true-hearted
He said: "My darling, married we'll be
And nothing but death will part us
And when we're in a foreign land
I'll guard you, darling, with my right hand
In hopes that God might stand a friend
To Mary and her gallant soldier"

05 BOB DYLAN - Mary and the Soldier
06 PAUL BRADY & ANDY IRVINE - Mary and the Soldier

07 GORKY'S ZYGOTIC MYNCI - Wizard & The Lizard
08 GORKY'S ZYGOTIC MYNCI - Cirsed, Coined & Crucified
09 GORKY'S ZYGOTIC MYNCI - Gewn Ne Gorffen

10 BROKEN CONSORT - elder lie
11 TORI AMOS (2009) Emmanuel
12 THESE NEW PURITANS (2010) Hologram
13 THE BOOKS (2003) S Is For Evrysing
14 MUM - last shapes of never

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