Miércoles, 2 de Septiembre 2009

01 DANU (03'59) Breton Tune
02 DEVENDRA BANHART (02'14) (2004) at_the_hop
03 GRáDA (05'47) (2004) Anto's Gambit
04 TUNNG (05'28) (2007) hands

He stands with his head in his hands
In the corridor in A&E
He couldn't resucitate her
And now he'll go home to his wife for tea

We sing as the sky falls down
We sing as the sky collapses
And make what we can of this
It's okay, we're all going to end up dead and gone

He crawls into her aorta
To pull him out of his reverie
And mentally puts her back together
With sticks and glue until she breathes

He crawls like a rat inside her spine
It's a passage to another world
He pulls on a coat of new born skin
And sends a secret message to that girl

Positions himself in space
And looks down on such slight a thing
Swears he'll make what he can of this
Because one day out there we will all be dead

So leave your imprint upon
All the atoms you press against
All the people you press against
Because one day out there we will all be
Leave your imprint upon
Every mouth that you press against
Every word that you press against
It's okay because one day we will be dead

05 SOLAS (2008) Sunday's Waltz-Solo Double Oh
06 ESPERS (04'47) (2005) Afraid
07 GERRY O'BEIRNE (04'39) 10 The Glass Boat
08 THE TREES (1970) (04'05) The Garden Of Jane Delawney
09 PATRICK STREET (03'33) (1986) Loftus Jones
10 BOWERBIRDS (03'15) spring song
11 SHARON SHANNON (03'35) El Mercado Testaccio
12 JOSEPHINE FOSTER (02'59) (2005) trees lay by
13 THE PENGUIN CAFE ORCHESTRA (04'31) (2002) Perpetuum Mobile
14 PATRICK WATSON (04'59) (2009) Big Bird In A Small Cage
15 JOANNA NEWSOM (03'20) Cassiopeia

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Sergio, somos tres los que escuchamos.

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